Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Research...what for?

Sitting down with the late Suzuki Tatsuo sensei of Wado-ryu c1989
You hear a lot these days about karateka conducting 'personal research', but I've never really understood what that term means...isn't every training session personal research? Isn't every book or magazine article you read personal research?  Isn't every conversation you have with another karateka, personal research? So why do some folk imagine that personal research is anything other than a normal by-product of training?

Some people are prepared to do more than others to gasp the essence of karate, both on the dojo floor and elsewhere; while some are only willing to do what it takes to collect a few trinkets and create an image. I sometimes wonder how many of those who are conscious of conducting 'personal research' ever stop for long enough to catch a glimpse of themselves, and if they do, do they linger for long enough to find anything to criticise? 

If  personal research never leads to change, then perhaps what you're involved in is nothing more than personal endorsement.