Tuesday, 8 July 2014

It takes a lifetime to live a life.....

This is Crap!....right?
Wow..! What's this, I've just called into question the words of one of the worlds most spiritual human beings; I've just suggested that his insight into human nature is meaningless rubbish. Okay, so it was more than a mere suggestion...but come on, you don't really believe there's is anything in what he's saying here....do you?

Oh you do! You do recognise something in what's being said: that's amazing!  I say that, because I would suggest that the majority of karateka today are living exactly the kind of life that "surprises" the Dalai Lama. Lives full of contradiction and falsehood; lives laden with excess and heavy with short-sightedness; which is slightly depressing, because these same folk believe their life is somehow better because of their involvement with karate.

I'm guessing that a great many of you reading this feel you live in a world of karate, and indeed that may be the case, but I think a smaller number have karate living in you; for if that were so, money would play far less a role than it does, rank and status would be meaningless, and splashing yourself all over YouTube .....well, that would be appreciated for the absurdity that it is.

It takes a lifetime to live a life, and contentment to live it well.