Monday, 9 June 2014

The "Way" is in training...'s better for you to train than teach.
I'm not sure who first coined the phrase, "The way is in training"? But whoever it was, they hit the nail squarely on the head. Of course training is not always done in a gi, in the dojo, karate permeates all of life; but if that's not true for you, then I'm not sure you understand what it is you're involved with.

Miyazato Eiichi sensei had a favourite saying..."Just do it!" When training seems tiring, just do it. When it's cold, just do it, when it's too hot, just do it. When you fail a grading test...just go ahead and do it. Just do your training no matter what life drops in front of you.

In my book, Shin Gi Tai, I offer a couple of examples of when life hit me too hard, I staggered, and for a brief moment was stopped in my tracks....but on each occasion, I heard my sensei telling me what to do..."Just do it!" It wasn't a "Use the force Luke" moment, it was more a feeling that even in the darkest of times I could raise a faint smile by thinking of the good rather than focusing on the bad.

Karate training is not complicated, except that we make it so; if doubt appears, if troubles arise, acknowledge them...then go training! If you can do that, you will learn more about your 'true' self in that single act, than you can imagine.