Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Challenge of Karate...

Gima sensei in action - Tasmania March 2013
There are a great many challenges to be faced when you start to practise a martial art; karate in particular requires a lot of physical skill, both subtle and obvious, to make it work. But more than that, karate requires a certain level of appreciation if you want to understand it's real value; although the learning of karate is wrapped up in detail, I believe understanding karate stems from adopting a "bigger picture" view of what you're involved in.

I was asked recently if I ever use karate to challenge myself? The question was pointing to the physical limits some karateka go to to test their resolve. I didn't give an answer as I wasn't sure the one I had would be appreciated. I doubt I could still hit the deck and do the 100 one arm push-ups I used to do as a party-trick when I was in my twenties, but karate has helped me face a huge challenge these past four decades and with some success too.

I haven't been in prison since I was eighteen.