Friday, 27 June 2014

Some of Chojun Miyagi's Students...

I've never heard of the "Djondokan" dojo before, in Okinawa or anywhere else, but the name sounds a lot like "The Jundokan" to me (?) But this is not the I don't know where this was filmed, except to say that it looks like it was in Okinawan or Japan.

I've trained with two of the sensei featured in the footage, with Kina sensei in 1984 at his dojo the "Junkokan", that was located above his son's Coffee shop at the back of Heiwa-dori market in Naha; and with Anichi Miyagi sensei in San Diego in 1989, but I was in a large room with perhaps thirty others on that occasion, so I'm not sure if that actually counts for much.

Of course, these were not the only students of Chojun Miyagi sensei still alive at the time of filming (1985), there were others, more senior students of Chojun Miyagi, still actively training and teaching at this time. You'll note that Anichi Miyagi is once again introduced as Chojun Miyagi's "successor"...but that's crap!

No one who has studied the history of Goju-ryu accepts this statement to be true, except a certain Russian guy who likes to believe he is Anichi's successor, Morio Higaonna sensei, who links himself directly to Chojun Miyagi through Anichi, and the followers of both men who continually fail to ask the awkward questions that would reveal an inconvenient truth.

In spite of the political overtones, it's an interesting piece of film all the same, so enjoy it for what it is....