Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Miyagi Chojun 20th Anniversary Demonstration

As I mentioned in my previous post, here is some more footage from YouTube of Okinawan karate from the 1970's; this time from the anniversary demonstration marking the 20th year since the passing of Miyagi Chojun sensei. You'll note that Yamaguchi Gogan sensei and some of his senior students have travelled to Okinawa for the occasion; and once again, it's interesting to see the kata being demonstrated without concern for how 'nice' they look!

Much of the karate in this clip is repetitive with a lot of Gekisai kata on display, but it's interesting to see how the different schools of Goju-ryu have already drifted away from each other at this point; even though a mere 20 years have past since Miyagi sensei's death, each school of Goju-ryu has already developed very different ways of expressing Miyagi sensei's karate.

The more eagle-eyed viewer might be able to spot a few faces in the crowd that went on to become household names, but my interest lies in wondering what the none-celebrity karateka in the demonstration are doing these days. By the way, don't try the final demonstration at home unless you have private health cover...and even then!

More to follow.........