Tuesday, 6 May 2014

It's the things you don't see...

I spent today digging a ditch and laying a drainage pipe - not that anyone will notice!
All of last week I spent most of each day in front of the computer working on the final chapter of my new book; but this week I'll be outside each day, doing the things I need to do before winter arrives. One of the choirs that needed doing was to put a twenty-meter drain in place in front of the dojo; because when it rains around here in the winter time, it gets so wet even the fish stay inside!

I took this photo earlier today, it shows some of the ditch, and the drain I laid in it, but what it doesn't show is the six hours of hard digging it took to get to this stage. I didn't mind the work, it was good hojo-undo, but once the drain was laid and the gravel raked back into place, none of my work was visible. The value of all my effort will become apparent when the rain comes.

As always, karate is never far from my thoughts, so while I was busy training hojo-undo all day (digging the ditch), I was also mindful of the reason I was doing it. No one will notice how well the water clears from the side of the driveway now that the drain is in; just like no one notices me in the dojo practising my karate/kobudo in the mornings....but when the rains come, or life drops another problem in my lap, all that unnoticed effort will be worth it.