Saturday, 17 May 2014

If you don't train, should you be teaching ?

Masaji Taira sensei - training at the Jundokan, c2008
A few weeks ago I got together with an old karate friend of mine, Paul Enfield; we hadn't seen each other for 26 years, but we picked up pretty much where we left off. Paul and his lovely wife, Michele, who I met for the first time, were visiting Tasmania for some R & R after two weeks of training with their teacher, Taira sensei, at a number of seminars he was conducting along the East coast of Australia.

Of course we talked about karate, but not as much as some might think; anyway, listening to Paul talk about his teacher only confirmed my own opinion, that Taira sensei trains often, and hard. Yes, he is spending more and more time travelling the world teaching seminars these days, but he continues to find time to do his own training, in both karate and kobudo.

I'm often amazed, in a bad way, at the number of so-called senior, and not so senior, karateka in all schools and organisations, who no longer train due to the amount of time they spend teaching....but should they? Apart from being an example of ego-driven laziness....what have such people got to offer?