Friday, 4 April 2014

What is your karate based on..?

Busaganishi and the Kempo Haku
I turned the final card over and did the last of the push-ups...there were seven of them. Not so many if that's all I had to do, but this was the final card in the deck and I'd been working my way steadily through them all over the past twenty minutes. I tried to "be in the moment" with each exercise but this morning my mind was wondering; I was thinking about the article I'm working on, the one I mentioned in the previous post.

My thoughts were drifting back and forth about the philosophical foundation upon which karatedo is based, and whether or not it still exists in any real sense these days. I'm sure many believe it does, and I'd be one of them; but I just don't come across it much in people is it rare now? And if it is rare, then how come there are so many people these days who believe they're teaching/learning karate? What exactly is the philosophy behind the activity they are involved in?

It's important to remember that a philosophy that is not lived, is nothing more than an opinion; so, if karate has been reduced to selling physical movements for money, all be it wrapped in an unaccepted philosophy (set of opinions)...then is it still karate?