Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bunkai or Bunkum..?

Is bunkai...the magic bullet..?
I often used to wonder what the next great 'fashion' in karate would be, and then a few years ago it emerged..."bunkai!" Almost over night you had to be a bunkai expert, and mastery of karate was unthinkable unless you could turn every single nudge and twitch of your body in to a deadly fighting technique....oh we go again!

Bunkai, in some quarters, has become the only measure of karate skill. Forget for a moment that the bunkai is practised against another karateka using karate techniques to attack, and never mind that in the rush to master the bunkai the principles found in the kata have been thrown away, all that matters to many these days is....when he does that, I'll do this.

Let's just put something on the record here shall we....without an intimate feeling for the principles contained within each kata, knowing what the moves may, or may not, mean, is about as much use as a bullet without a gun. So...get into as much clever bunkai training as you like, but please, don't think that will bring you any closer to grasping the value of karate.