Saturday, 22 March 2014

Books for Sale...

Hand written poem by Kanazawa sensei
In accordance with the changes I'm making in how I engage with karate, I've decided to sell some of the books from my library, starting with those dealing with Japanese karate schools. As Shotokan is by far the most popular form of Japanese karate, I thought I'd begin by offering four books, three written by Hirokazu Kanazawa sensei, and one written about him; each book contains a different hand written poem, similar to the example above.

Both books are soft bound, in good condition, and complete
The two books (above) deal with Shotokan kata, as taught by Kanazawa sensei and practised by members of his S.K.I.F organisation.

Biographical accounts of Kanazawa sensei's life
  Karate: My Life...was written by Kanazawa sensei himself, and translated into English by Alex Bennett. This is a hard back edition and in excellent condition. Kanazawa, 10th Dan: Reflections of a Living Karate Legend - The early years (1931 - 1964), was written by the renowned British karateka and author, Dr. Clive Layon; it's a paperback edition and also in excellent condition.

If you're interested, make me an offer on one or more, be prepared to pay via PayPal, and please don't waste my time by offering stupid amounts...I'm well aware of the value of all the books in my library, even when they're not signed by the author. The books will remain on sale until the end of the month. Over the coming weeks I'll be placing more books and magazines up for sale, many signed and many quite stay tuned!