Thursday, 27 February 2014

Loading another's gun...

Matayoshi-ryu kobudo at the Kodokan hombu dojo - Okinawa c2005
Whenever a conversation turns to the magazine work I do, it's surprising how often I hear things like, "You should have asked that sensei about..........." In other situations too, people are frequently comfortable enough about their own lives to offer me unsolicited advice on how I might live mine. I don't mind taking advice, but only from folks who are good examples of it themselves.

It is so often the case these days, that the more I talk with karateka the less I find I have in common with them. I don't seem to share their desire to teach, to acquire the next grade, or even be better than others. I like to practise karate and kobudo, but not with any great goal in mind other than to be more at ease with the demands the training places on me.

I'm not sure why people feel more inclined to give advice rather than live by it, perhaps they just like to load other people's guns, even though they are too scared to take a shot themselves? Whatever the's kind of sad, don't you think?