Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Okinawan Karate... a look beyond the hype!

Minoru Higa sensei of the Kyudokan  - Tsuboya c2011
I want to start the year with a look beyond the magazine hype that many karateka are forced to sift through when reading about Okinawa's senior karate teachers. One American publication in particular likes to attach it's self (leech-like) to as many Okinawan sensei as it can; it's glossy pages and self-serving story-lines are designed (IMO) to bolster the publisher's own image. That he often gets even the basic concepts of karate (as well as facts) wrong, is perhaps a good indication of his motives.

Anyway, to the good stuff.....I came across a recently released documentary on YouTube by Russian karateka and filmmaker, Oleg Larionov, and wanted to pass it on. Oleg has made a number of short films featuring Okinawan karate, and posts his work for others to enjoy; he wants this documentary to be shared, and for that I offer him my sincere thanks and recognition for a job very well done. Having met and interviewed Higa sensei myself back in 2011, I can attest to his warm nature as well as the power of his punch.

Here you will find the documentary as well as two trailers. The film runs for a little over half an hour, and is enjoyed best on full screen.