Thursday, 5 December 2013

Book Review

A book what I wrote
It's been said many times before (mostly by me), "I is a really good writerer!" I know....I know, it takes some getting used to doesn't it; I've aquiered all the "trimmings" of a successful writer and karate master and yet I openly confess that I'm none of these least not in my mind or the minds of those who "know" me.

In Okinawa recently I signed literally dozens of copies of my book on hojo-undo, and while doing so received a great many compliments about the work and my efforts to put the information before the public. I was sincerely humbled by the genuine admiration and gratitude flowing my way, in fact, at times I felt a little uncomfortable because of it.

I concede that the information and points of view in Shin Gi Tai are far more challenging to read as a karateka than most books out there dealing with the subject; but isn't that a big part of authentic karate training, to face challenges that stand before you? If all your involvement with karate does is endorse the opinions you already hold, are you still practising karate.....haven't you stopped?

I don't have all the answers, everything I have an opinion on is up for change if I can be convinced otherwise...can you say the same about yourself? You'll find a review of Shin Gi Tai here that may help you decide whether or not to invest your time reading it. I make no guarantees except this....the content of this book will make you think!