Friday, 1 November 2013

The Real Secrets of Karate.....

Kyoto, Japan, March 2005
It was cold in Japan when I was last there. I make a distinction between Japan and Okinawa even though they are now (politically) one. The temples of Kyoto are really great if you want to catch a glimpse of the spiritual heart of Japan, their ancient beauty combine great elegance with great inspiration.

When I visit Okinawa, a big part of why I go is to find inspiration; images, advice, and memories that I can call on later when I'm struggling with something back home. But inspiration and real Zen like flashes of clarity can come from anywhere, not just the temples or the dojo.

Here's a piece of footage I think delivers a message that is so profound and so important to both karate and life, that I believe the majority of karateka today will fail to grasp the essence of what is being said. Lost in a world of instant gratification and hypnotised by technology...many can no longer recognise wisdom unless it's wrapped in the familiar.

So.....are you ready to "Get with the beat"?