Monday, 18 November 2013

NHK Okinawa's report on Okinawa karate - Nov. 2013

After two weeks of training in karate and kobudo in Okinawa, I returned home late Saturday night. I'll write more about my visit to the island in coming days, but for now, here's a local news report covering a little of the seminar I attended, a visit to the Shureido store, and a closer look at the work of the OKKB. I was at Shureido during the filming, but managed to avoid the reporter and her camera.

I am grateful however to the large contingent of American and Canadian karateka who bought a second copy of my book on Hojo-Undo, just so they could get a signed copy....Thanks!!! Nakasone-san was so happy to sell all his current and recently arrived stock of the book, and immediately placed a new order with the publisher: YMAA Publication Center, you'll find a link to the publisher and Shureido in the list at the side of the post.

The report is in Japanese, but I think that even if you can't speak the language you'll get a flavor of the way Okinawan karate is currently going through a fourth phase of popularity. The first being karate's introduction to the Okinawan school system in the early 1900's, the second being karate's introduction to Japan a few years later, and the third being karate's migration to the rest of the world, which began in earnest in the 1960's and 70's. Where this latest introduction, to the Internet/pop-culture generation will lead, I'm not sure.

However, I've said it before, several times, if you're looking for an authentic karate/kobudo experience in Okinawa today, and you don't have a connection to a dojo there, you can do no better than to contact Miguel-san at the OKKB; you'll also find a link to the Bureau in the list at the go on, what's stopping you?