Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Takers are Fakers

The dojo towels
I know...it's not a great karate photo is it. But then I don't often post great photos on here, or write about things that could make me any money. What I do on this blog is plant seeds that may or may not grow in the fertile (or not so) minds of you, the readers.

Apparently that's not enough for some people; some folk out there like to snatch the images I post and then sell them on to people who are silly enough to part with money for them. While others, like to grab a few lines of dialogue here and their and pass them off as their own....how pathetic is that!

For example, if the guys in Russia who are selling images of me (and many other karateka) would have had the good manners to ask, I may well have shared a picture or two with them, but no, they feel it's fine to just take what they want in the hopes of making a bit of money from it. I wonder, how much for the towel shot? They're not just any old towels you know, they are used every day after each training session to wash the dojo floor.

Look...if you want to use something of mine, an image or a phrase, then at least have the good manners to ask for it. Depending on why you want it, you may or may not get permission....but I suspect some already know that, and that's why they just take: how very mature of them!