Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Time (for me) to Ponder...

A rarely seen image of Miyagi Chojun in Japan, outside the dojo of  Yamaguchi Gogen
This photo of Miyagi sensei was sent to me by a friend some time ago, I don't recall how he came by it, but on this the 60th anniversary of Miyagi sensei's death, I thought it would be appropriate to share the image with the broader karate community. If anyone has a copyright to the image and would like me to take it down, I'll be happy to comply on receipt of proof.

My training this morning consisted of Junbi undo, and then multiple repetitions of the three kata devised by Miyagi sensei, gekisaidai-ichi, tensho, and his own version of sanchin. I didn't count the number of kata, instead I gave my self a time limit to work on each of them; I wanted to avoid slipping into automatic mode and just churn out a set number kata.

Given that millions of people use Miyagi sensei, and the name of his karate, to endorse their  own activities these days, I wonder just how many of them will take the time to recognise the significance of today?