Friday, 6 September 2013

Your Life...what's it worth (to you!)

The Shinseidokan dojo this morning
It was such a wonderful Spring morning in my part of the world today, the kind of morning that makes you glad to be alive; after training I gave some thought to exactly that. It struck me that so many karateka go through life in a thoughtless way, an endless round of moving from one perceived reward, or drama, to the next.

The life I'm living today is, by and large, the life I have given my self; it's the life I'm experiencing due to the choices I have made so far. Sure there are things about my life I would change if I could, but some things are beyond our ability to effect change, and knowing the difference between the things I can change in life and the things I can't has required thoughtful living.

If you're not satisfied with the way you're living, then make the changes necessary to develop the life you do want. If you don't have the courage to do that...then you're pretty much wasting your time training in karate. Eiichi Miyazato sensei often counselled me to find a sense of balance in life. He did this by advising that I get my life in order before spending time in the dojo. "Family first", he would say, "then work, and only then will you have time to devote to training."

So...what's your life worth to you?