Saturday, 28 September 2013

The First Visitor of Spring...

Students and visitor working on seiyunchin kata
As the warmer weather begins to make it's presence felt that's when visitors start to arrive; the first for this Spring/Summer was Matthew (seen here closest to the camera). Today was his last at the dojo before returning home to Melbourne on Monday. Matthew trains informally with his brother Jesse, and Jesse is a senior student at the dojo....when he's not studying for a degree in Electrical Engineering.

It's always interesting for me to observe the karateka who visit the dojo; some come for only a short time while others stay a little longer: Matthew was here for a month. Often people arrive with a firm idea of how they expect the training to go, others aren't quite so silly and are happy to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves during their stay.

I was impressed the most by Matthew's good manners and his awareness in the dojo; as well as the fact that he never failed to give his best. He was open and receptive to instruction and willing to push himself hard, which was just as well, because I seldom push students to train at a level they can't push them self to train at on their own.

In a dogi borrowed from his brother, and without rank or title, Matthew applied himself wholeheartedly  to his's hard to ask for anything more from a student: or a visitor.