Monday, 23 September 2013

Karate as a job...and why it's a dumb idea!

The Jundokan Dojo
The man who heads the jundokan dojo works for a living, his father who founded the dojo also worked for a living; all the seniors in the dojo who help with teaching either work for a living or are retired. It makes me wonder then...why there are foreign affiliates and wanna-be's who feel they don't have to. What could these people possible have to offer karate that can't be accommodated after the working day is over? The answer of course is....nothing!

When you compromise your livelihood by depending on students to pay your bills you have already failed to grasp the very first law of 'self ' defence: Look After Your Self.  When Chojun Miyagi advised his students "Don't eat from karate!" the founder of the jundokan, Eiichi Miyazato, was happy to follow his teacher's advice, but not so a number of individuals who want to link their karate businesses back home with the jundokan in Okinawa.

The ease with which many dismiss a core tenet of goju-ryu only serves to announce, to me at least, their desire to live off of the sweat and effort of others. It speaks poorly of a person's character when they are prepared to have others provide them with their living. Karate as a job is a dumb idea because it brings with it nothing but conflict.