Monday, 9 September 2013

Images of Okinawa...

So many karateka visit Okinawa these days, and yet a good number of them seem to forget they are karateka and  instead behave as if they are on a trip to Vegas.  It's not like you can't have fun as well as train hard, it's more like many visitors seem unable to find a balance. 

I discovered this short video on youtube recently showing one visitors impression of Okinawa. There are a couple of "strange" images when he gets to the karate part, but apart from that I think he did a good job. Sorry about the stupid ad by Google; if it spoils things too much you can always watch the clip on youtube.

The music is by the Japanese group Himekami. This isn't their best version (IMHO) of the track "Kamigami no uta", but it's nice enough, if you like this kind of sound then check out some of their other music like... Kaze ni Kieta uta, and Umi no Komori uta.