Saturday, 3 August 2013

You Know You're in a Cult when.......

Culture...or cult?
I've been looking around at some of the literature (?) put out by a number of the larger commercial karate organizations these days, and I noticed something quite sinister, there is a familiar line of thought (propaganda) running through the things they have to say.

All boast of preserving the "true tradition" of karate and use language that is, to me at any rate, quite disturbing. There is a powerful thread of narcissism, common to each group, running through their communication, coupled with a good many untruths, half-truths, and down right lies. Hero-worship too features prominently in their communication.

What saddens me is that these are not your average "Micky-Mouse" karate groups, but mainstream karate organizations that would have you believe they somehow, by virtue of their massive market share in the 'budo-business', are the gatekeepers of karate's real values. Over and over I came across the same self-serving slogans. While boasting they are interested in "quality over quantity", they can't quite resist the opportunity to let you know how big their numbers are....right around the world!

You'll be familiar, I'm sure, with the analogy of the duck..."If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and goes well with orange sauce: then it's a duck! Well I think you can apply the same to these karate conglomerates; if they are set up like a cult, and act like a cult...then guess what?

Now, you may be fine with being a part of such a group, it is after all far easier to engage with karate this way, but let's be clear on this; you're a member of a cult not a kartateka, and no amount of shouting on about who your leader(s) is/are will make you any less so.....