Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What's in a word?

A full moon over the dojo last night
The temperature dropped to -3c last night, this morning the dojo was freezing! Spring is trying to nudge the last of winter out of the way; the sooner it does the sooner I'll stop shivering when I step on the dojo floor first thing in the morning.

I read an article recently on the psychology involved in raising teenagers with a particular chronic medical condition, it seems that the self-discipline needed to manage the condition is often a problem for both the teenager and the parents. I came across the word "existential", and it reminded me of how many times I see that same word when reading about philosophy. I have never seen it used in relation to the learning of karate....and yet, it forms the the very conduit by which karate is learnt, understood, and developed into being a natural part of who we are.

Right, I'm off to experience a bit more of my life....time for a cup of tea!