Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mushin no Kokoro

When the sun goes down, my world grows still
I'm not sure if we (humans) are hard-wired to attach ourselves to things: ideas, objects, people, practises? Maybe somewhere along our evolutionary path we needed to gather any number of things around us in order to survive: but if we did, humans were living in a very different world back then.

The karate world, as far as I can tell, is made up of a few different kinds of 'gatherers'. There are the karateka who attach themselves to making money (of course!), but there are folks who attache themselves to other, less obvious, things, not all of which are necessarily bad....although some are highly suspect!

Take the the idea of 'Self-Defense" for example, I'm amazed at how many karateka can't get past the kicking and punching bit here, and get stuck in the mud of techniques and pseudo-psychology. Like a dog chasing its own tail, they busy themselves with turning the straight-forward into something difficult and complex.

Defending your 'self ' is not so difficult, but it requires that you take responsibility for yourself...(I know, too hard for most people!). But here's the thing....the longer you put off thoughtful living and continue to run with the herd, then the longer you will spend chasing your own tail. There is no stillness in such a life, no defense from the 'self ' that others would have you convinced, needs defending from others....