Thursday, 18 July 2013

The (karate) World We Live In...

After training recently
Whenever visitors to the Shinseidokan arrive, they usually have a few stories to tell about their karate world, the world they have grown up in as a karateka....strangely enough, the stories are often very similar. The names change, but the dramas are often the same: identical even! The stories remind me that my karate is not practised in, what has become, the usual way.

I wonder sometimes why anybody would bother training in a karate world where so many others feel they have authority over you, where your progress is dispensed (for cash) by people who you often don't even know; where you can turn up for training and find yourself in the company of some very 'suspect' characters, and where just about anybody can walk in off the street and make themselves at home.

It doesn't make sense to me to teach karate to complete strangers, or to people you don't like; just as it strikes me as odd that you would accept payment for something you are not able to deliver. That so many do these days, is no doubt why the stories I'm told by visitors have a familiar ring to them.

Authentic karate is passed on between two people, on a personal level, over a number of years. Lets not pretend otherwise here...if you seriously believe you can learn karate in any other way, then you're probably not grown-up enough to learn karate in the first place!