Thursday, 4 July 2013

On the turn of a card...

Turning the cards over
One of the ways I stay motivated, especially when I'm not feeling particularly motivated, is to work my way through a deck of cards. I've written about this before, I know, but a recent email asking me about motivation has prompted me to revisit the topic.

Diamonds are always push-ups!
Each suit is given an exercise, and then it's just a matter of doing that exercise as many times as the number on the card. Diamonds don't always have to be push-ups, they just always are for me!

It's good to use the kigu too!
I still haven't managed to get all the tools I use in to the dojo yet, and as you can see here, one of the students is using a modern "Indian- club" as a substitute chi-ishi. It does the trick...

So, when the mind is willing, but the spirit flagging, then reach for a deck of cards and go with the flow; fifteen minutes later you'll feel a lot better and a lot more motivated to carry on training.