Friday, 12 July 2013

Karate is about the things you do...not the things you advertise

Garry Lever, Richard Barrett, Seikichi Kinjo sensei, me, Mitch Turner - Okinawa 2011
There is an old saying..."You can tell a man's character by the company he keeps", and if there is any truth to it then my character must be least as far as karate is concerned.

I want to point you to a short article written by my friend Richard Barrett, it's about the building of his new dojo at his home in Spain. For me the article captures the way authentic karateka go about building the life they want to live, rather than the way many these days look to someone else to provide their karate for them.

Unfortunately, my Hyper-link facility doesn't seem to be working, so you'll have to do it the long way....but don't let that put you Richard says in his article, a big part of karatedo is about having patience. So, click on the "Goju-ryu Shinsokai" link from the list at the side, then click "Archives" there you'll find a list of articles: the article in question is at the top of the list.