Monday, 29 July 2013

A Great New Initiative

Thanks to the 'Remebering Okinawa' website for the use of the photo
I think my opinion on the recent trend in seminars for foreigners on Okinawa is well known by now. I have nothing against these seminars, as such, but just remember, they are organized to make money, and are a far cry from the personal dojo experiences you need in order to make any real progress in karate.

This weekend, the Okinawan Karate & Kobudo Liaison Bureau, has announced a new initiative to allow foreign karateka to study karate in Okinawa for an extended period of time. For some years now, the OKKB has been helping groups and individuals from around the world to connect with teachers' and dojo in Okinawa...for free!

The new programme is aimed specifically at the young, and is based on the maxim of Bunbu Ryo Do,  the parallel paths of physical skill and academic endeavour. So, if you're a karateka between 15 and 18 years old and still at school, and the idea of training and studying in Okinawa appeals to you, then go here and take the first step on the adventure of a lifetime...