Saturday, 1 June 2013

Smoke & Mirrors...

Butoku - Martial Virtue
You may have noticed something yesterdays post regarding Okinawan training seminars! I've removed it for now having been made aware of something I was not aware of when that post was written; I'm now working to clarify the situation, and will let you know what comes of my inquiries.

To paraphrase the Okinawan budoka, Ti - Junsoku (1663 - 1734)
"No matter how you may excel in the art of ti (karate) and in your scholastic (business) endeavours, nothing is more important than your humanity (authenticity) as observed in daily life." 

I placed the words in parenthesis above to make my point...but look, I have no problem with how people live their lives or go about their business, so long as neither interferes with the uncluttered way I try to live. Authenticity is not something I prefer when I interact with people, it's something that is either forthcoming or I simply stop interacting with them.

More to follow......