Wednesday, 12 June 2013's just too difficult, right?

The dojo door slides open by use of a simple handle
It's not so easy to gain entry to the Shinseidokan, I wont teach karate to people I don't like. But if you are invited inside, then you'll find a simple wooden handle, made from a fallen tree branch, is all you have to use to gain entry.

This notion that entry to an authentic dojo is somehow difficult, is just not true; the biggest barrier for most people is their own attitude. In a world where privilege and "getting what you want" is so ingrained, many approach karate training like Gollum in Lord of the Rings...."I wants it..." , and this is why they end up training with people who, for the most part, are just not worth training with.

There is a delicious world of irony waiting for people who are looking to enter an authentic dojo. Fist of all you have to find one, but they don't often advertise. Then you have to make contact with the sensei in a way that is acceptable to him, or her, but as you don't know them you have to work that out first. And if you do get past the introduction and receive an invitation to train, then you have to learn, very quickly, how to conduct yourself properly in an unfamiliar setting.

Keeping things simple, being honest, and learning to appreciate that you can't have what you want just because you want it, will allow you to realize the simple truth of karate training.......eventually!