Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nothing Special...or is it?

The Shinseidokan dojo - it's not a place for everyone
You can "do" karate almost anywhere these days, shopping malls, sports centres, converted factory units, or at the local scout hall; you can join academies, and clubs, and even places with moronic names like..."The Home of Champions". You can learn from masters, and teachers, and instructors, and even shihans too if you believe in such twaddle!

But here's the thing...none of this stuff is about karatedo, none of it is about showing you anything much at all, other than how to get your wallet out. If I read one more story about karate being a "journey", I think I might just throw-up! Karate training is not a journey, it's just something you choose to pursue. You get to chose at what level you pursue it, and then you get to decide on whether or not you have the strength of character to be honest with yourself, and others, about the choice you made.

Millions of people around the world (50 million by some reckoning) have chosen to pursue karate....a somewhat smaller number are prepared to be honest about the level they pursue it on.