Sunday, 16 June 2013

I Should Be So Lucky........

The Shinseidokan dojo - this morning
Well...I knew it wouldn't take too long to be told how "lucky" I am to have such a "nice dojo". You know, it's just as well this arrived by email, and wasn't a face-to-face comment, otherwise I may have let the owner of the remark know just how lucky he is that I am, (figure it out). The email was deleted and with any "luck" the writer won't write to me again.

You know the old saying, "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.", well that's a sentiment I happen to agree with. But more than that, I believe when people say things like, "You're lucky"'s a way of  distancing themselves from their own laziness and lack of direction. The implication of their comment being, that the only reason they don't have what you've got, is because they are not as "lucky" as you are.

The scene of much pleasure, and frequent disappointment
The dojo didn't just appear, I didn't wish it in to existence, and the builder didn't work for free. The dojo is an investment in me, it's a place that enhances the quality of my life, it brings me pleasure on many different levels and provides a place where I can test my resolve to adhere to the things I believe in. The dojo was deliberately kept small, I had it built with my personal training in mind, it wasn't constructed to house dozens of students.

So no...I don't consider myself "lucky" to have the dojo in my home; for there has been far too many financial sacrifices made by my wife and I, far too many hours of hard work put in by a number of the students who train with me, and far too much stress to deal with during it's construction. The dojo standing next to my home has little to do with luck; so, if you're waiting for luck to provide you with the life you want....then prepare yourself for a very long wait.