Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Good Morning Sunshine!

The dojo this morning - after training
It's winter here in Tasmania, and the mornings can be, well....a bit cool. But this past week, the crisp cold nights have given way to clear winter skies...bright with sunshine and full of promise. I revel in the peace and quiet, the clarity of the air, and the sight of birds scurrying around looking for their first worm of the day....it's always those early birds that seem to have a smile on their face.

Training this morning was similar to most mornings, junbi-undo, kigu-undo, and kata; nothing spectacular, no epoch-making moments of discovery...just training. Afterwards, my mind wondered to an interview I'd done a few years ago with a very famous Japanese karate teacher; I asked him, with his incredibly busy lifestyle, travelling and teaching all over the world, how much time he had for his own training? His answer was all too predictable I'm afraid..."None".

I think there would be quite a few people reading this who spend more time teaching karate than practising it; and more time telling others how to do things they haven't worked on themselves for years. Does that make any sense at all to you? It doesn't to me. I always figure such people need karate far more than karate needs them. I can see the day when I won't be teaching karate anymore, but I can't imagine a time when I won't be training.

"Oh what a beautiful morning.....oh what a beautiful day........"