Sunday, 26 May 2013

Other People's Bunkai...

Gima Tetsu sensei  from the Jundokan, teaching bunkai in Tasmania earlier this year
I've noticed something these past few months...I find it really difficult to develop ownership of other people's bunkai. It's not that I don't see the logic and the skill in the fighting theories of others, I do; and for the most part I greatly admire the insight many have been able to develop from their investigation of kata...still.

Now you try!
From your sensei and sempai you can learn a great deal, from their example you can learn a great deal more. As the saying goes: Teaching is showing what is possible, learning is making it possible for yourself. If I have come away with anything from my recent deliberations after training, it is the realization that if I am ever to make karate my own, then the application of my kata must come from me.