Thursday, 30 May 2013

Events of the Day...

What's to stop it falling..?
Sometimes life has a way of causing you to pause, to draw breath and think about what to do from here.  The measure of a man (or woman) in my opinion, is not what happens to you in life, but what you do when things have happened. I do better dealing with life some days than others, but as much as I am able I do the best I can.

Like the rock in the photo, events can hang over you, ready to drop and knock you down. The way ahead seems narrower than before, less choice to go to the left or the right, to avoid the problem in front of you; no, in life it always boils down to a simple choice to keep moving forward: or stop. What I've learnt from karate these past 40 years, is to just keep going.

Yesterday wasn't a great day for me...and I know there are other days like that still to come, but I'll deal with them when they get here. Going to the dojo helps, it allows me time to take stock, to settle. When crap happens, I remind myself of something I realized many years ago; that the bad experiences in life, are only the bits that separate the good times.