Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Blitz photographer, Charlie Suriano, capturing karate at 12 frames per second...
This week the dojo was, once again, blitzed by Blitz, Australia's #1 martial arts magazine. As usual, it was a long day spent in the dojo capturing various training drills and concepts one frame at a time. Even when Charlie switched to "machine gun" mode on his camera, the whirl of clicks represented no more than karate in segments, all be it segments that were captured very quickly.

This is the third photo shoot I've done for Blitz magazine, and the second done at the dojo; the first was a studio shoot done at Charlie's place in Melbourne about ten years, how time fly's! On average somewhere around 800+  photos are taken over a six hour period; it's a difficult process and keeping track of what images have been captured, and what images are yet to be caught, requiers some concentration; a story board is therfore essential if you want to avoid duplication and wasting time.

Blitz editor, Ben Stone, and Charlie, check a captured image before moving on to the next.
On this occassion there was an addition to posing for the usual still images. As the march of technology continues on, it is now possible for Blitz magazine readers to get extra content from the page through their i-pad. By scanning the code for the Blitz App, readers can access video clips of real-time action as well as short tutorials. It's all double-dutch to me of course, and kind of ironic too, that vision of a dinosaur like me would be among the first to find it's way to readers through the latest technological wizardry.

I am grateful to my student, John Mercer, for taking the time out of his busy schedule to act as my partner. It was also great to catch up with Ben and Charlie and spend time in their company again...we always make these occassions a fun day! Oh, and before I forget....the photos you see here were taken on the previous shoot in the old dojo. I did manage to bring my camera into the dojo the on this visit too....but then forgot to use it! I know, I know...what am I like?