Thursday, 28 February 2013

Karate without Consequences

Chojiro Tani, with his sensei, Kenwa Mabuni
With the rise of the Internet, has come the opportunity to interact with a great many karateka we otherwise would not be able to communicate with. It's a far cry from the days when the only place karate could be found, was in a dojo.

On the dojo floor you are accountable for all that you do, and everything you say; on the Internet, you're not! And because of this, many have taken the opportunity to behave in ways that would see them facing serious consequences on the dojo floor. That is, if they were ever game enough to step on to one.

Take, for example, the ease with which opinions are expressed by people with very little experience outside the cloistered walls of their "karate club"  Their keyboard, and an over blown sense of achievement, has given them the ability to expose their ignorance to the world. Perhaps it's the (false) sense of equality with everyone else on the net that lies behind this phenomena; that, or just plain old stupidity!

If the lunatics have not already taken over the asylum, they at least have the keys to the front door firmly in their grasp; at any rate, that is how they would like it to be. But in my karate world, and that of many others, you don't get to say or do anything that you are not accountable for; it's the kind of accountability that distinguishes an authentic karateka from the idiot in pyjamas.