Friday, 18 January 2013

The Essence of Wisdom

The dojo's backyard - with the stone wall construction under way
You might remember the subject matter of a recent post, concerning my magazine work coming to an end, so you'll understand my surprise when I recently received a commission to write a series of articles touching on a number of subjects seldom discussed in karate circles these days. In the rush to learn the next deadly bunkai many, it seems, have lost sight of the philosophical touchstones that underpin the way of karatedo.

The first article looks at wisdom; is it possible to find a sensei today in possession of it? And just what is wisdom anyway? In relation to the understanding of karatedo, what role does wisdom play....and how might one set about attaining it? In 1923 the German writer, Hermann Hesse wrote: "Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom." It's an opinion I happen to share, and one of the points I raise in the article.

I'm about 1600 words into the first draft of the 2500 words requested by the editor. Things are looking good, I have a sense of direction. With my writing, as with my karate, I find a sense of direction accompanied by a quiet and steady enthusiasm, helps me make progress. So, with no quotes from Zen, nor references to Master Poh or Yoda, I'm attempting to shine a light on the subject of wisdom.