Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Falling at the second hurdle

Nin Tai -  To Endure
Over the years, I've seen many new students in the dojo come and go. Some didn't seem to have the sense they were born with, while others were so arrogant, they were left in no doubt that they would be better off looking for instruction elsewhere.

I often wonder why people who are looking for help with their karate find it difficult to get beyond first base. After all, they are the ones looking for assistance, yet, they behave in ways that only serves to insure they will not get it...ehm? Being accepted in to an authentic karate dojo is no small thing; it's a hurdle that causes a great many to fall.

So, having cleared the first hurdle, having gained entry in to an authentic karate dojo, I wonder why so many then fall at the second hurdle? A lack of  good manners will do it, as will a lack of respect for the people and the place you have been accepted in to; an unwillingness to motivate yourself will also see you heading for the door.

After a promising start, some karateka loose sight of the privileged position they have had extended to them, and begin to treat their presence in the dojo as a given; something they no longer have to work for. And so, as they fall (slow motion like) out the dojo door, unable to comprehend where their expulsion came from, the reality of their situation reveals its self.

Too late..!