Thursday, 27 December 2012

It's not what you do, but the way that you do it.....

A reminder to guard against those things that deny you a peaceful life
Now that the "Silly Season" is drawing to a close, and just before everyone gets into dreaming of what might come their way in the New Year, I've found myself stepping back from my daily activities and pausing for a while...

The past few years have not gone smoothly for my wife and me, there have been many things we have had to face (together) and deal with as best we could; sickness, surgery, enforced retirement, and spending far too much time in doctors rooms and waiting around in hospital corridors. These are things we never had to do before...when we were younger.

I'm not sure who has encapsulated the reality of life the clearest, many have given a voice to their thoughts over the centuries; but it's clear that no matter how long some people live, they are destined to simply recycle their mistakes, and copy those made by others. Life is a series of events (some good, some not so), that push and pull in all directions; recognizing that peace of mind lies not in what these events are but in the way we deal with them, is a step forward.

When Issa Kobayashi lost his daughter, he wrote.........

"This dewdrop world
 it may be a dewdrop
and yet, and yet........."

He wrote something similar to this after the death of his wife. I've often wondered, could I remain as composed if I faced such tragedies....perhaps...perhaps not.