Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dojo Update Pt4

Resting on a bed of stone
With the actual building almost complete, you can see the dry-stone wall I've built around the base of the dojo to allow for air to flow under the wooden floor, while preventing nature's nocturnal nibblers (that would be rabbits) from setting up home underneath.

The changing room is now in place
Although it doesn't look like it from this shot, the changing room can easily accommodate two people at the same time; and with the internal walls now painted, the room blends seamlessly with the rest of the dojo.

Soil was brought in to lower the dojo gently into the earth
The soil that was removed to level off the ground upon which the dojo was built, has been brought back to sit the dojo gently on the earth. An impression that will be needed later, when a traditional Japanese garden is established in front of the dojo.

The Dojo's back yard
Meanwhile, I've had a dozen or so very large rocks placed in a line to create the foundation of the stone wall that will eventually surround the dojo. The grassy area at the back of the dojo will be great for outside training in both karate and kobudo, and I have plans to install a number of the older kigu (training tools), that I once had in my dojo many years ago.

The dojo has landed
There now...doesn't that look like the dojo is sitting gently on the land? When the external walls have been painted, and the plants, trees, rocks, and gravel, have been established as a garden, the dojo will look like it has been there for many years.

Stone steps -  and lantern
I'm really happy with the two large stones I was able to find elsewhere on the block, their use ties in well with my belief that you should, as much as you are able, make use of the things you have around you in order to make your karate a more rewarding experience. The Japanese lantern by the side of the door, also lends to a more pleasing feel.
Almost ready for the final landscaping
I believe the Japanese word for the feelings I get while working with the rocks, plants, and earth is "Aware". But, even as I go about creating this new home for my karate and kobudo, I am aware there is also something ephemeral about the whole thing. Nevertheless, I plan to enjoy the coming years in the new dojo, and the opportunity for training they will bring.

I'll post a final update when the dojo has been completed.......