Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ranks and Titles..?

Spirit - Technique - Body....preferably in that order!
In spite of the ease with which ten year old children (and even younger) are handed black belts these days, it should be remembered that the award means absolutely nothing...nothing at all. That sounds harsh, I know, but from my point of view it makes perfect sense.

The relationship between rank, title, and the understanding of karate, is now so blurred by sport and commercial thinking, that the belt system is all but meaningless outside your own particular group. Perhaps, like the Sony Walkman and the Kojak digital watch, ranks in karate is an idea that's had it's day.

My publisher, YMAA, has posted an excerpt from my latest book (above) discussing the subject of karate ranks on their web page; if you haven't read the book, you might find the excerpt worthwhile; it may help you place the profusion (and confusion) of rank in context.