Monday, 12 November 2012

First vistors of the Summer

Alan saying hello to my natural makiwara
It's that time of year again, Summer, and with the rise in temperature comes the annual steady flow of visitors to the dojo. For a number of years now two karateka in particular, Alan and Craig, have been making the trip down from Brisbane to my part of the world, to indulge their interest in Okinawan karate training.

There's not a lot of  'give'....just enough!
I'm always happy to see these two karateka because they are serious in their intent and thoughtful in the actions. They also understand the need for good manners when it comes to opening doors of opportunity; and how a lack of attention (a poor sense of zanshin if you like), makes for a less fulfilling experience of karate.

Over the coming weeks and months, the dojo will see more visitors; some have been before, others will arrive for the first time. Whether or not an invitation to return is extended will be, as always, up to them.