Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dojo Update...Pt3

The roof is going on and the walls made ready for the cladding
Picking up from where I left off, this photo shows the new dojo with the roofing tiles partly done and the waterproof membrane on the outer walls, ready for the external cladding to go on. The weather has been kind at last, allowing the builders to make progress.

The external cladding is almost finished, just the final panel to go!
The external surface is a cement based product that goes on in large, vertical, sheets: it's heavy! But the product does not need rendering and can be painted straight away, all I have to do now is decide on a colour.

Cutting the plaster board to fit around the rear window
One of the students from the dojo, Mitch Turner (left), runs his own Plastering company, and here he is working with one of his employees to get the large sheets of plaster board fixed to the internal walls. As you can see, the walls have been heavily insulated. The ceiling and floor have been insulated too...ehm...perhaps I'm getting soft in my old age(?)

The internal walls and ceiling have been finished
Since this photo was taken, the walls and ceiling have been finished off and each received three coats of paint. As you can see, the electric cables are in, ready for the lighting and power points to be fixed into place.
Looking good - but still a long way to go.
Like a child who sneaks downstairs early on Christmas morning to open his presents, I'm already training in the new dojo even before the building work has been completed. Although the coming week will finally see that happen, I've been unable to resist sliding my feet across the floor.

More to follow on this subject when the dojo has been finished and fitted out................