Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Thank You!

With Miyazato sensei at the grave of Miyagi Chojun - Okinawa 1992
It feels good to remember those who came before you: it feels right. We should not forget the example of those who, while alive, did the best they could to maintain a tradition of authenticity so it was ready for us to discover for ourselves. No....we shouldn't forget that.

People are all too quick to claim mastery of karate these days, mistaking their physical prowess and hoards of followers as proof of that mastery. Ehm? What was it my dear old mother used to tell me....oh yes, "Empty vessels make the most sound!"  Show me a teacher with thousands of followers, and I'll show you a showman.

If you practise Goju-ryu karate, in any of it's many forms, then I hope you took a little time yesterday to think of the man who started it all.