Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Nakamoto Masahiro. Ryukyu Kobudo

I came across this great film clip on Youtube recently, at least 'I' think it's great anyway. 

I met Nakamoto sensei for the first time earlier this year at his dojo in Shuri. He was warm and very gracious with his answers to my questions, and was able to demonstrate all the ideas and techniques we spoke about during the interview...which is something, I've discovered, is beyond the ability of some people I've interviewed over the years.

I'm really not a great fan of huge gatherings like the one shown here; I see their purpose, I've just never enjoyed the feel of them; they made me feel uncomfortable somehow. So for many years now I have avoided large seminars and gatherings of all kinds, preferring instead to practise either alone or in the company of a few friends or students. As I get older, I find my karate and kobudo training becoming even more personal: private even.

I think the kobudo on display here is wonderful, but please, don't try the knife defence techniques at home. While I have no doubt at all about Nakamoto sensei's skill, there is a clear distinction in my mind between a classical demonstration, and effective technique.

PS....and just to prove I'm getting old....I hate the music!!!!