Sunday, 14 October 2012

Go deep...not wide!

Kensho - a face without makeup
Before leaving the topic behind completely, I want to revisit the subject of our secret face; that part of our nature we seldom, if ever, show to others. It's important that you understand there can also be a positive aspect to some behaviour that others might consider secretive.

Ingyo, for example, is a Japanese term used in relation to the good things people do while remaining anonymous. Acts of kindness or of support, or of simply doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do; all of these things fall under the banner of Ingyo. Acting out of the goodness of your heart is something that should be(come) familiar to all budoka.

With the advent of the Internet the negative aspects of human nature have found free reign, and as so often happens with mankind, whenever an opportunity arises many choose to do bad things instead of good. As Michelangelo once said...."The trouble with man is not that he aims too high, and misses; but that he aims too low and hits."

Secret behaviour is not always sinister, although it is frequently used by people who are; educating yourself to spot the difference is an important aspect of maturing as a budoka. Clarity of thought, insight, has always been a necessity in the learning of karate; therfore you should cultivate a calm nature, as calmness is the source of clear thinking.

If you think and act like a fan when you're in your gi, than that's what you are, if your teacher acts like a celebrity, then that's what he is; but remember this, such immature behaviour by student, or teacher, only serves to stifle growth and has no role to play in budo. So, if your thoughts and actions are (secretly) in conflict, it's time to either stop training, or grow-up!