Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dojo Update!

The new dojo leaves it's first footprint upon the earth
At last it has stopped raining long enough for work to get started on the new dojo. This happened a week or so ago but I'm quiet busy right now with a number of projects, sorry, I forgot to download the photos from my camera. Anyway, for those who have written to say "What's happening?" here are a few images of recent progress......

A giant screw attachment drills holes for the foundations to the nearby carport
I'm using this photo, because the same attachment on the machine you can see here, drilled ten deep holes in the ground where the dojo will stand. At 800mm deep, and 400mm wide, I'm really glad I didn't have to dig the holes by hand.

The holes were filled with concrete before the wooden piers were put in
The dojo will stand slightly above the ground, and be a little wider than the footprint you can see here. Although you can't tell from this photo, we almost lost the truck as the front end began to sink into the, still wet, ground.

A view from the other side
Because the ground is a little uneven here, some earth was removed to level the ground off, this will be reused in the landscaping of the Japanese garden that will surround the dojo.

With the piers embedded into the earth, the timber stand close by...waiting!
For those who have written to ask, I hope this brief look at the birth of the new dojo will be enough for now. Life is still busier for me at the moment than I would like, and keeping my camera close by just never seems to make it on to my list of things to do; and no, I can't use my phone, because my phone is fixed to the wall in my house: not my hip!

I'll post more about the dojo in the future, when things have progressed enough to remind me I'd better get the camera out again.