Monday, 17 September 2012

Karate, The Way of the Empty Hand

Almost thirty years have past since I first sat, glued to the T.V. screen, and watched this documentary. Within a year of seeing it, I was standing outside Higaonna sensei's dojo in Makishi, asking to be accepted as a student.

Back in October 2011 I posted this. is the documentary that got me motivated to travel to Okinawa for the first time. It looks a little dated now, and the commentary by the well known British actor, Dennis Waterman, is just as bad as ever; but all that to one side, I think 'this' Okinawa has now gone forever, replaced by something 'different', something that today's generation of visitors to the island are making of karate. It's something I can't say I'm altogether happy to see, but then, that's probably something to do with my age.

The documentary runs for about 40 minutes, so go make yourself a cup of tea first.